5 Must Have Travel Gadgets


5 Must Have Travel Gadgets

Money, visas, and material conditions are not enough for a good trip. In modern times, travel supplies are also indispensable! 


 Here is a list of some essential travel items: 


 1. Travel inflatable pillow: 

 This is one of the essential items whether you are traveling by bus, train, or plane. Pillows provided by airlines are very thin and slippery. It's hard to put one in the right place. And you don't even start to relax when it goes downhill and the fight starts again. The best thing to do is bring your own travel pillow. Since it wraps around your neck, it will never fall off. In addition, you can comfortably rest your neck on either side. You can now spend more than half of your journey taking a  pleasant nap. Even if you want to spend the entire trip watching a movie, you won't get a cramp in your neck! 


 2. Hammock's legs: 

 This ingenious invention will save your life! Once you use it, you'll never want to travel without it again! It attaches to the tray table and hangs low. With comfortable inflatable pillows inside, your legs and feet will be elevated, improving blood circulation and even allowing you to sleep on your side! You can recline the chair, rest your head on the travel pillow, and rest your feet on the hammock. We promise you'll be more comfortable in economy class than in business class. No more wasting money on business class tickets!


 3. Multi-adapter (all-in-one): 

 Carrying multiple chargers is hard, but carrying one adapter for everyone is even worse. International travel requires special care for your electronic devices. You need to make sure you have the right adapter for each device so that it receives the correct voltage. There's nothing worse than plugging your phone charger directly into a 220V outlet and then seeing your device explode. However, the good news is that a universal adapter will work with all different chargers! 


 4. Noise-Canceling Headphones: 

 Whether it's the baby in the next row crying or the couple in the hotel room next door screaming, this gadget will save your ears (and your safety). your sanity!) all the time. Noise-canceling headphones block out the world around you so you can listen to soothing music or just sweet silence! Believe me, when you're stuck in traffic in a third-world country and your bus driver won't stop honking, you'll be grateful to have them! It's also a great signal that you're not in the mood to socialize. 


 5. Protective case for your smartphone: 

 Since you will be using your phone a lot for navigation, it's best to buy a protective case. Difficult to hold the phone in hand when you have too much luggage to carry. You will often drop your phone, so you better buy a shockproof case! Both waterproof and dustproof cases are available today


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