5 Tips to Book Transportation for Events


5 Tips to Book Transportation for Events

When hosting events of different sizes, such as group outings, weddings, or conferences, arranging ground transportation can be an issue. You need to consider certain factors, including headcount, budget, and customer needs, among others. Whatever the occasion, you want to make sure that the company you choose offers safe, smooth, and comfortable transportation. Check out these tips to put great group transportation within your budget. 


 Allow more listings 


 Ideally, you should have a final listing before ordering event transportation. However, when planning events, a number of factors can determine whether or not you can put in place the correct number of employees in advance. It will be easier to give an advance estimate of the number of sure attendees if the event is a corporate outing, while the RSVP response deadline for weddings will have to wait until two weeks before the new event. to the final workforce. Regardless of the situation,  would be more realistic to overestimate the numbers and make the necessary corrections once the numbers are confirmed. Finally, you want to make sure that all guests have seats on the bus. 


 Company capacity check 


 Certainly, the number of vehicles required will depend on the number of passengers. For this reason, it is important to think about the size of the shipping company's fleet. This way you will know if they can supply the right number of vehicles. 


 When booking an event that requires 50 buses, make sure that the operator you choose can provide all of these numbers. Also, find out if they can provide alternative or additional facilities where needed. Larger fleets have plans for emergencies, such as passenger spikes and maintenance issues that smaller fleets can't handle. You may feel more comfortable with a large fleet of vehicles, knowing that they have a backup plan in case something goes wrong at the last minute. 


 Recognizing guest needs 


 It is important to get to know your attendees and know if any of them need any special amenities. For example, when a customer is unable to climb stairs, the transportation company must provide an ADA-compliant vehicle. 


 Ensure a clear schedule 


 When choosing a transportation provider, make sure they know your group's schedule. Some groups just need to schedule pick-up and drop-off times. Others have multi-site events that need a personalized approach. For example, a company meeting has a fixed agenda, while a pub crawl has a more flexible schedule. 


 Knowing the needs of the event allows the transportation company to determine the number of drivers needed and can help them provide the best transportation solution. 




 Once you've booked transportation for your group, make sure you receive a written confirmation. You should also confirm your reservation orally two to four days before the event, to ensure that everything, including the route, schedule, and number of vehicles, is in order.