7 Tips for Safe Online Shopping


7 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Nowadays, buying online is the way to go. You have a large collection of things to buy. Moreover, you can negotiate. Fast shipping and high security. You can even return damaged products. In fact, shopping is much easier these days. However, those unfamiliar with how online shopping works can become easy targets for cybercriminals who steal people's money through online scams and scams. other corners. Here are some tips for shopping safely online. Continue reading. 


 1 . Using familiar websites 


 If you have never purchased from an online store before, we recommend starting with a globally recognized online store. For example, you can buy on Amazon. This is one of the biggest online stores in the world where you can buy just about anything. Other good names include Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, and more. Make sure you enter the correct website URL.


 2. Find the SSL key 


 You should stay away from websites that don't have  SSL encryption. For example, if your website's URL starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP, you can safely buy. In addition, the website's URL will contain a locked padlock. It's also important that you never email your credit card information.


 3. Don't give too much information 


 Trusted online stores never ask for a buyer's date of birth or social security number. If a scammer gets your credit card number and social security number, be prepared for a big loss. With this information, it will be much easier for them to steal your identity. If possible, be sure to provide as little information as possible when shopping online.


 4. Check your statement 


 Regularly check your credit card statements. Make sure the report doesn't include fraudulent charges. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, be sure to call your bank immediately to have the problem resolved. If you're buying with a credit card, make sure the charges are correct.


 5. Scan your PC 


 Make sure you have an anti-virus program installed on your computer. This is important if you want protection from malware. Antivirus software must be the latest version. 


 6 . Use strong passwords 


 Make sure your password is not in the dictionary. It is not an easy term to guess. This is even more important when you go shopping online. If possible, use a combination of letters and numbers. Your password must be more than 8 letters.


 7. Avoid public terminals 


 Do not use public computers to buy something from an online store. But if you must use a public terminal, remember to log out after each session. This is equally important even if you go online just to check your inbox.


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