Accra - Find the best beaches and affordable accommodation


Accra - Find the best beaches and affordable accommodation

The coastal city of Accra is home to many of the fascinating and unique landscapes of the subregion. Accra's fertile soil keeps it green all year round. The many flowers, trees, and herbs in the city are proof of the power of the earth. 


 Among all Accra's characteristics, the hospitality of its people is its hallmark. It is very common to meet beautiful and well-meaning people all over Accra. Expect to be offered a large bowl of fufu and palm kernel soup or a plate of banks and grilled tilapia sauce. People are always happy to help you comfortably, whether with your luggage or giving directions. 


 At Accra, you'll get a variety from this unique location that you wouldn't dream of in combination with many other destinations around the world. Among the varieties, the beach and the resort are paramount.

 Your vacation in the West African country wouldn't be a vacation without a visit to Accra beach. I am discussing some nearby beaches and accommodation in Accra. 



 In Accra, Labadi is synonymous with beaches. Labadi Beach is famous even on the lips of a  toddler. Labadi Beach is an everyday beach. You can count hundreds even on less busy days. 


 Prestige Suites is a quaint accommodation hub for all known Labadi Beach tourist activities. Prestige Suites are like an extension of the beach landscape with spacious suites, spas,s and gyms to please guests. 


 KORLE GONNO BEACH & Ocean Resort 

 If anyone claims to be from Korle Gonno, the proof is their swimming ability. Water and the guy Korle Gonno go hand in hand. They are quite inseparable in most cases. This has led Korle Gonno Beach to become an active institution again and again. Therefore, it is very common to encounter a tourist in the area. On weekends and holidays, Korle Gonno beach is always the place to party. 


 After the fun on the beach, all roads lead to Oceanic Resort. A fully furnished Oceanic Resort room with a balcony and free internet access. On each balcony, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the picturesque Labadi Beach while relaxing. 



 Since some revelers have revealed its magical powers, Kokrobite Beach is the best 'free' open beach in Accra. And when the Lloyds Beach Resort is completed near Kokrobite Beach, it's the game for those vacationing and having fun in the area. Lloyds Beach Resort is a home away from home, comfortable, and very relaxing.


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