Ahmedabad: Metro City of Gujrat Places to See


Ahmedabad: Metro City of Gujrat - Places to See

Ahmedabad: Gujrat Metropolitan City  - Places to see, As an engine of growth in India, Gujarat is the most important tourist destination in the country. As one of the major metropolitan cities, Ahmedabad is where old infrastructure combines with modern infrastructure and has created an important commercial powerhouse. Ahmedabad has developed fascinating buildings, dazzling architecture, great restaurants, vibrant night markets, and lots of fun. Here are some things you do and visit places if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad. 


 Jhulta Minara 


 Also known as the Trembling Tower, they are playful but carry a swirl of trembling mystery. They have left the best avant-garde architects and design engineers with curious curiosity and wonder. Jhulta Minar is actually part of the Siddi Bashir Mosque. The mosque is built in such a way that if you apply a little force to its upper arch, the Minar tends to wobble. For children, Jhulta Minar in Ahmedabad, India is a place of real entertainment. There are two  pairs of famous 

 shaking towers in Ahmedabad, one is located opposite  Sarangpur Darwaja and the other is near the Kalupur train station area.




 A sacred city in the Junagadh district, Somnath is worshiped as one of the enshrining the Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is the central target of every visitor near and far from the city. Despite the fact that Somnath temple is the reason why Somnath is such a popular vacation spot, another reason could be its scenic area near the hill. Meanwhile, visitors can also have a good time at the beach. Junagadh Gate and Panch Pandav Gufa (Cave) are  

 targeted by famous travelers in Somnath.


 Marine National Park 


 If you've been to the wildlife sanctuary a few times and you're looking for something new to explore this weekend, it's time to introduce you to the national park. India's first maritime nation, located on the shores of the gulf. by Kutch. This national park is one of a kind conservation of marine life including corals, dugongs, and small marine mammals (fin dolphin, common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Indian humpback dolphin). Indo-Pacific), large whale species such as blue whales, sei whales, humpback whales  

 whales and sperm whales. 


 Manek Chowk 


 This famous and attractive open market located near the city center, functions as a vegetable market in the morning and a jewelry market in the afternoon, is the second largest market in India, obviously. obviously 3 million rupees annual revenue. 


 Badshah No Haziro 


 The King's Tomb is located to the east of  Jama Masjid and can be reached by an interconnected walkway. This mausoleum, dating from 1451, is the tomb of Ahmed Shah I, his son Muhammed Shah II and his grandson Ahmed Shah II. It was worked in the area of ​​Muhammad Shah. Each of the four corners of the central hall had a small stone vaulted room.


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