Australia's Four Most Haunted Places


Australia's Four Most Haunted Places

Images of haunted, spooky buildings are not what you get when you think of Australia. Your mind most likely conjures up only kangaroos and sunny days. But in fact, strange haunted places exist in Australia! And they are more than you want! 


 This is a list of haunted places in Australia: 


 1. Fremantle Arts Center in Western Australia: 

 Guess what this place was like back then? A madhouse! It has become one of the most haunted places in the entire Southern Hemisphere. It was built between 1861 and 1868 by convicts. It was originally used as a mental hospital called Fremantle Lunatic Asylum (the name alone gives me shivers!) In the early 1900s, the government suggested demolishing the building after two suspicious deaths. The building is still standing, but the camp has been moved to another location. It was used for other purposes  

 until it became an art center after World War II. Even today, people report unwanted feelings, strange pictures, and ghostly whispers! 


 2 . Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales: 

 Murder, suicide, torture - this place has it all! It is famous as 'Australia's most haunted house' because a pregnant caretaker took his own life, a nanny was pushed down the stairs leading to the death of a baby and a boy in a stable tragically burned to death in his sleep. In 1961, the gardener was shot and killed by a young man obsessed with the movie Psycho! The house is said to be haunted by the original owners, the Crawleys. The Ryan family currently owns this Victorian home and they're reporting 

 all sorts of chilling supernatural happenings! The lights were on and off, mysterious figures appeared in the pictures and Mrs. Crawley was often spotted. To me, this house is like a death trap! 


 3. Old Melbourne Prison in Melbourne, Victoria: 

 This spooky place was once the prison where some of Australia's most notorious criminals were executed - 133 prisoners to be exact! One of his most notorious victims was the legendary Ned Kelly - also known as the Robin Hood of Australia. Serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming was also executed here. Of his six known victims, two are his wife and four are his children! *shrills* Today, this building is a museum containing information and memorabilia of prison staff and convicts. He used the 

 to display Ned Kelly's skull until it was stolen in 1978. An innocent prisoner, Colin Campbell Ross, was horribly executed with a new experimental device that resulted in his slow and painful death. He was later proven innocent. The museum also displays the death masks of various prisoners, including Deeming's! Many people have reported cold vibrations and voices near the museum cells! 


 4 . Devil's Pool near Babinda, Queensland: 

 This natural pool has claimed the lives of 17 people since 1959,  most recently in November 2008! There is a plate,


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