Best Sushi Spots in Cape Town


Best Sushi Spots in Cape Town

Sushi lovers will enjoy visiting Cape Town, South Africa. Not only is it packed with world-class gourmet food and sushi restaurants, but Cape Town also has some of the best scenery and views in the world and has been voted the best city in the world many times. 


 1) Harbor House - V&A Waterfront With a great location, legendary sushi plates, and friendly staff, Harbor House is a great beachfront restaurant based at the V&A Waterfront. Fine dining in such a beautiful setting earned them the 2015 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. The glass walls surrounding the restaurant allow you to soak up the bustling waterfront atmosphere and appreciate the perfect view of the Cape Town harbor. There is also a great Harbor House restaurant at Kalk 



 2) Andy's Sushi Bar - Sea Point This Asian-inspired restaurant serves top-quality creative sushi at reasonable prices. Chef Andy Wang is passionate about making delicious and authentic dishes. Bring your own drinks and enjoy top-quality sushi at this colorful little restaurant. 


 3) Kyoto Garden Sushi - Cape Town Kyoti is an authentic Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Cape Town. Not only did they receive the Best Asian Restaurant award at the 2014 Eat Out Awards, but they also source and serve unusual top-quality ingredients from around the world. Farmed abalone, scallops, Alaskan king crab, sea urchin, and eel are some of the interesting items you can find on their menu. Interesting variations and delicate dishes stimulate the taste buds while the intimate and tranquil setting of 

 Zen provides the perfect atmosphere. 


 4) Fugu Restaurant - Cape Town This upscale yet casual venue serves up delicious sushi and a variety of hot Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes. The extensive sushi menu is popular with local sushi lovers, while more traditional seafood lovers are spoiled for choice.


 5) The Codfather - Camps Bay The Codfather has been delighting locals and tourists for over 17 years with stunning ocean views and delicious creative sushi. There are countless options and all sushi is SASSI approved, so you can rest assured that the food you are served is sustainable for the ocean. The restaurant is trendy and lively, but you can opt for a quiet, romantic meal in their exclusive cellar if you wish. 


 6) Balducci Asian Noodle & Sushi Bar - V&A Waterfront This little gem will be the best sushi bar in V&A Waterfront. Only the freshest ingredients are used by their professional Japanese and Asian chefs, and the great view and superb service make this a definite destination for the next time you crave sushi.


 7) Willoughby & Co - V&A Waterfront You can't expect more than great seafood and sushi at this popular spot. The key menu is full of creative dishes and the best technical sushi served with pride.


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