Cozy Sleepy Towns That You Should Visit


Cozy Sleepy Towns That You Should Visit

Oh, the lush snowy winter! All they make you want to do is sit on a comfy sofa wrapped in a warm blanket and drink a cup of coffee while gazing out the window toward the snowy abyss. If you're a cuddler like this, then we have the perfect locations for you to enjoy your stay. These sleepy little towns hidden away in different countries are places you wouldn't normally go to. But listen to us when we say that once you visit these places, you are sure to fall in love with them. So, without further ado, here is a list of cozy little towns that you should visit during the Christmas holidays. Oh, and here's another travel tip, buy a frequent flyer account and save a lot of money on airline tickets. 


 1. Germany: 

 Rothenburg in Germany is a small town that will literally take you back in time. The decorations and layout of this town are medieval in the best way. There are baskets hanging from the windows and colorful gardens combined with spectacular churches of amazing architecture. 


 2. Slovenia: 

 The small town of Bled is a cozy place nestled near a lake. The scenery here is beautiful, the lake water is emerald green, and the medieval architecture is. This cozy little town also has a castle perched atop a cliff, making you feel like you literally stepped out of your favorite fairy tale. Activities such as hiking, boating, cycling, and hiking as well as water sports are available to you. 


 3. Spain: 

 The town of Albarracin sits atop a mountain above the Rio Guadalaviar in Teruel, Spain. Here you will find wooden houses and fortresses combined with labyrinthine streets. The stone buildings here are said to date from prehistoric times and are quite interesting for those interested in archeology.


 4. France: 

 Dinan is a small and beautiful fortified town in Brittany and surrounded by the River Rance. The views here make it more cozy and welcoming. Classic French dishes served in the town's restaurants are also an added bonus. So satisfy your gourmet and romance and visit this place today!


 5. Vietnam: 

 After the war, it seems hard to believe that Vietnam can safely store anything, but you will be surprised.  Hoi An located in the center of Quang Nam province is in fact very well preserved. It still has old  Japanese merchant houses, huge Chinese temples, and tea warehouses. The city has been included in the  UNESCO World Heritage list.


 6. Italy: 

 The town of Positano in Italy is very famous because it has been covered a lot in the form of movies and books. This sleepy place has  bright  white, pink, and yellow cottages and is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean


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