From France With Love - Holiday in France without Paris!


From France With Love -  Holiday in France without Paris!

On my first visit to Paris, I was amazed at its beauty and splendor. Whether it's the quaint streets, the beautiful river Seine, or the walls decorated with graffiti, Paris is a feast for the eyes. While I revel in exploring this city of love, many visitors think they have done the justice of this beautiful country just by visiting Paris. Obviously not! There's more to France than the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum! 


 5 other cities/villages to consider visiting during your holiday in France! 


 1. Annecy 


 Affectionately nicknamed the "Pearl of the French Alps", Annecy is also known as the Savoy Venice. This small medieval town is built with colorful houses, cobbled streets, and interweaving canals that offer breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes.


 2. Corsica 


 Lonely Planet calls it "the outdoor lovers' playground" because of the variety it offers. The Mediterranean island of Corsica is an explorer's dream. From bays to valleys, jungles to hilltop villages, prepare to feel like you're on another continent every 30 minutes. Enjoy water sports, hiking, and cruises and soak up the Mediterranean summer heat.


 3. Nice 

 . cool green. Walking on the famous promenade,  one can witness the splendor of this beautiful seaside town with its dazzling architecture and beautiful cathedrals.


 4. Lyon 


 Calling all gourmets! You have officially arrived in a city that will satisfy your sweet tooth with special restaurants. Lyon is located at the confluence of the Saône and the Rhône, offering visitors a breathtaking river landscape. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyon has 2000 years of rich history, some of which can still be visited (don't miss the Roman amphitheater).


 5. Carcassonne 


 Did you know that the movie Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves was partially filmed here? If you have young children traveling with you, make them happy by taking them to the medieval city of Carcassone, located in the south of France. With castles, citadels, great walls, and spires, this place looks like it came out of a fairy tale! Visit the many nearby vineyards and enjoy the beauty of this town at sunset.


 Maximize your provincial French experience 


 Do your research before planning and pack your bags accordingly. Some of these cities may not be directly accessible from the airports and may require a train or bus ride. So make sure you have enough foreign currency and buy a trusted prepaid travel card for a convenient travel experience!


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