Reasons Why Spain Should Be Your Dream Country


Reasons Why Spain Should Be Your Dream Country

Spain, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of this country is its amazing cuisine and splendor. However, the beautiful locations here are really the only thing that draws you there. I mean, can you really ignore how beautiful this country is? It really has it all when it comes to terrain and weather. The country is rainy and snowy with hot summers and moderate temperatures along the coast. It's also why the country is the best place to visit if you're a fan of moderate temperatures (And while you're there, try to check out frequent travelers for great deals! best travel). If you still need more reasons, we give you a list of places that will take your breath away in Spain. 


 1.  Royal Palace of Madrid: 

 Like  Buckingham Palace, this is the residence of the Spanish royal family. Currently, it is only used for official state ceremonies. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Madrid. Outside of open time, this palace is open to all types of visitors. You can go see the glitz and glamor in which the Spanish royal family lived. You have the chance to wander through the many salons and visit rooms as well as the lavish 

 banquet halls used for proms at the time. 


 2 . La Concha: 

 This is a beach located near San Sebastián Bay in La Concha. Overall, it is considered one of the best city beaches in  Europe. This place has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. Have a family picnic by the beach or go surfing with friends and learn to control the tides. Or perhaps you could take a stroll along the shore and then have a romantic dinner at one of the area's great restaurants with your loved one. Or if you are a lover of extreme sports, 

 you can go to the beach for paragliding etc. 


 3.  Alhambra Palace: 

 This palace was the residence of the Spanish royal family until the 15th century when they were ruled by the Nasrid Dynasty. It is located on Al-Sabika hill, on the border of the city of Granada. From the castle, you can see the entire city in all its Spanish glory. On the one hand, the palace is surrounded by the  Darro River while on the other is the Al-Sabika Valley, and on the other is Del Rey Chico Street. 


 These places are just some of the incredible places that will give you reasons to visit Spain. However, Spain also has a lot to offer. And if you want to explore them, we recommend buying cheap travel tickets (using Frequent Flyer)


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