Visit Chicago, but be prepared with information regarding parking rules

Visit Chicago, but be prepared with information regarding parking rules

 Chicago is always popular and the third largest city in the United States, home to countless attractions that attract visitors. Especially with the massive wave of immigration in the 20th century, led to a multitude of identities in the Windy City, including Poles, Greeks, Irish, Italians, and Jews. 


 Today, Chicago is diverse, boasting diverse shopping, a thriving arts scene, and a wealth of restaurants. The skyscrapers are sure to make Chicago's first visitors look up to the sky as it's well worth seeing. Also, spending time in Millennium Park on the Architecture River Cruise is a must-see attraction. Alternatively, for panoramic views, head to the John Hancock Center or the Willis Tower to the 360 ​​Chicago Lookout or the John Hancock  

 Chicago Lookout. There are special museums for understanding the thriving culture that visitors can explore in whole new depths. 


 Visiting Chicago and maybe saving money sounds counterintuitive, but it's true. You can save money if you plan to visit the city during winter. Hotel rates are discounted and cheap flights are easy. Look for affordable bed and breakfast options in the Lakeview and Lincoln Park neighborhoods; invest in a Chicago City Pass or a Go Chicago Card to get into all of Chicago's famous attractions for one price and save money on other entertainment expenses. 


 Chicago has great restaurants, and don't miss out on regional cuisine. Hot dogs and pizza are the best, and for drinks, order Chicago's "pop". As in all major cities, you should exercise caution outdoors by keeping your valuables safe at all times. Avoid walking alone and stay alert.


 You should get to Chicago by public transportation. The L-train represents a type of sky train that is easy to operate and inexpensive. The CTA operates an extensive bus system for most attractions, but newcomers may have difficulty navigating. The regional subway stops in nearby towns and downtown Chicago, while the L's Blue Line is also accessible. Taxis are available, but fares start high. Parking fees on the street and parking fees in the garage are very expensive. 

 Parking problems are not new in Chicago and are stifling visitors, patrons, and visitors. Here are some parking rules you need to know before you hit the road. 


 Parking Rules 


 Persons with vehicles  6 feet or more must not park within 20 feet of a crosswalk because other vehicles or motorists may encounter difficulties, in addition, this restricts the movement of pedestrians and other drivers. 


 · Car drivers are prohibited from parking in alleys for once again obstructing traffic and parking in front of garages for obstructing drivers when they move.


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