Weird and Wonderful Stationery


Weird and Wonderful Stationery

Splitting pins are not used to make paper puppets for school projects. Sure, it works great as a simple pad for paper models, but that's not its purpose. These dividers are designed to hold the paper together like a book. The lanyards on the back hold the pages in place so flipping pages is no problem. 


 Triart Design Markers or Copic Markers are definitely not fancy markup tools. It is mainly used as a design or art tool. For example, in architecture, when designing a building or a concept, it will be necessary to make a rendering to make the building drawing more attractive to the client.


 Ribbon Threader is self-explanatory but many people don't know how to use it. An office device that punches holes in paper documents so that a label or tape can pass through the hole for easier transportation. 


 Manila Folder may be the most used and famous entry on this list, but few people know its name. The Manila Briefcase is a cardboard folder with a protruding label that is easy to find inside a desk drawer. 


 Tipp-Ex is often used in schools and offices. What people don't know is that the real purpose of the Tipp-Ex pen is to erase everything on the document that needs to be copied or reprinted. The use of Tipp-Ex in exams and office materials may be illegal in some areas. 


 Shoelace punching not only creates a single hole in the paper but is also used to fold the edge of a metal fixing ring to permanently hold the paper together. Once this washer is attached, there is no way to remove it due to the composition and nature of the metal. 


 A lot of stationery has been produced around the world to make our daily work easier. Small stationery items that help us a lot include hand stapling, hole punching, solar-powered calculator, business card holder, and flip cover for safe storage of important documents and printing work. 


 Depending on where you work or your profession, any of the stationery items mentioned above can be helpful. In large companies, always make sure you have enough stationery for the office or remember to go to the nearest wholesale store to get a large quantity of stationery for employees. 


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