What Is a Textile?

What Is a Textile?

 By definition, a textile is a flexible material that uses a network of natural or man-made fibers that are mixed or woven together. Things like fabrics used in clothing or home accessories like pillows and blankets are made this way. The yarns are then used for knitting, crocheting, or something else produced by spinning raw yarn from wool, linen, cotton, and the like into long threads, which are then rolled into sticks or balls. In short, a textile is anything that is woven, 

 knitted, knotted, felt, or crocheted into something that we then use for something else. 


 The word weave comes from  Latin and means 'to weave'.The weaving of yarn into fabrics and yarns is by no means new and can be traced back to prehistoric times thanks to an archaeological discovery of linen dyed in a 34,000-year-old cave. 


 At that time, a spinning wheel was used to spin yarn into usable yarns and the loom took up an entire room and in some cases was used to weave the weft and warp into the fabric. It had to be put together correctly (which in itself was a waste of time) and then someone would use the roller bed to make the fabric inch by inch. It was very labor intensive and of course, with the advent of greater industrialization in the world, the equipment gave way to machines capable of producing 

 yarns and fabrics at a much faster rate. Today, yarns and fabrics are produced in all colors and designs, using less human effort and more machines.


 Fibers used in the manufacture of textiles can be animal (e.g. wool), vegetable (flax, cotton, etc.), minerals such as asbestos or glass fibers, and today synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic. Some of today's textiles come from a combination of multiple sources and they can be manufactured in a variety of strengths and durability depending on their intended use. 


 Clothing, containers, carpets, sheets, towels, bed sheets, flags, bags, mops, and more are available today made from textiles. They can also be used to add strength to composite materials such as fiberglass and industrial geotextile. Of course, they are still used in a variety of crafts, whether you like to embroider, knit, sew, or crochet, you use textiles in your work.