dominant Our Thoughts & Feelings

Controlling Our Thoughts & Feelings

"I saw my lower self within the sort of a rat. I asked, "Who are you?" It replied, "I am the destruction of the heedless, for I incite them to wickedness. I'm the salvation of the friends of God, for if it weren't for ME, they might be pleased with their purity and their actions. once they see me in themselves, all their pride disappears."*


Thoughts are energy and a man/woman is basically a being of aware energy; making his/her own body, events, and thoughts, moment to moment.

For most religious travelers this essential facet of who they're is unseen in their early education, and this ability to master thoughts operates sort of a magic wand. it's said, he who controls his own thoughts is master of each of the higher and lower kingdoms; this being the twin aspects of our soul- wherever both despicability and grandeur exist.

currently, once teams of individuals suppose identical thoughts and work along to manifest a potential, the facility of thought forms is magnified, and infrequently the miraculous occurs. contemplate the power potential of a bunch of people praying and sticking out their thoughts across the planet; this occurrence has been proved by various scientific studies regarding distant healing. additionally, contemplate the potential impact of a nation of similar voters who joined alongside singleness of purpose; we have a tendency to in America see this with our own Revolution, and a lot of recently the planet has woke up to teams of terrorists pushing their whole of concern and fanaticism.

within the following, we'll examine from a religious perspective, the importance of management link/mastering our thoughts, and why we on the face of it cannot control sure thoughts/feelings, however, students in spiritual faculties are schooled to handle this situation and eventually provide hand-picked techniques to observe associate degreed management our thoughts.

Learning in a very religious college

whereas attending a spiritual/developmental school, is one of the primary areas to figure out his thoughts and feelings. it's discovered by the scholar that thoughts and feelings facilitate making our individual and collective reality. there's an energy hooked up to consciousness and what we expect and feel helps create the planet around us.

more the student is cautioned that abundant has got to be unlearned concerning thought processes. Early on, several of us are schooled that sure thoughts are unhealthy et all are good. Some thoughts are sinful and show we have a tendency to weakness in character. Thoughts/feelings can have negative consequences, however, within the mature temperament thoughts/feelings are neither positive nor negative; some facilitate the U.S. feeling happy and a few help us feel sad, however thoughts themselves simply are- they manifest as a part of our awareness/consciousness. however we label or feel concerning them, how long we stick with them, and what we do with them is the tough part; with a bit of coaching, we are able to send a lot of completely using our daily consciousness.

Not Having a Thought/Feeling

From our perspective, it's nearly not possible to not have sure thoughts/feelings. Thoughts of envy, hate, and anger are hardwired into the U.S. a bit like thoughts of love, compassion, and joy. The task of the religious person is to attenuate time with worrisome thoughts and substitute a lot of positive ones.

usually, folks lambaste themselves for having jealousy or what they need to be in school could be a naughty/sexual or sinful thought; from our perspective, a more helpful approach is to acknowledge these thoughts/feelings, that originate in our lower soul, and as required act on them in a very healthy manner or substitute a lot of positive ones, moving forward.

Examining Our Consciousness

If somebody is taking advantage, thoughts/feelings like anger can protect. Thoughts like jealousy can push the U.S. forward to figure more durable and check out to accumulate what the opposite person has. a concept like hatred, whereas serving as protection may function as a decision to a different part of our consciousness to examine, why we have a tendency to hate. Was this one thing designed for us by others or a private response primarily based on our assessment of the situation? generally, we hate as a result of the case reminding the U.S. of a private failing or we have a tendency to see it as a personal threat; our concern response could be a primary, basic instinct, hardwired into us and essential to shield us from harm.

the purpose of examining why we've sure feelings/thoughts, from a religious perspective, is to understand/unravel them therefore we are able to get past them and unlock what lies on the far side of feelings/thoughts. For the spiritual traveler, our higher awareness lies beyond standard thoughts and is the goal of the journey.

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