Anantapur History & rubber-necking Places


Anantapur History & Sightseeing Places

There is a story behind each place and region. constant is true concerning Anantapur, which is the largest district in the state. you'll realize loads of historic monuments within the region. Even today, it plays an excellent role in several ways. It is fashionable for its silk trade. during this article, we have a tendency to be aiming to read a lot about look places in Anantapur. scan on to grasp more.

1. Penukonda

Ghangari is another name of Penukonda. This place features a lot of temples and around 365 of them are in-built in the name of Lord Hanuman. Actually, Penukonda may be a fort built by Vira Virupanna. It' 's around seventy kilometers from Anantapur and is sort of fashionable for the beautiful sculptures and subject area brilliance.

This fort is home to loads of temples. 2 of the foremost popular attractions of this fort are Babayya Darga and Gagan Mahal Palace. the previous was in-built 1575 AD and tells a lot concerning the approach to the life of King avatar Devaraya.

2. Ravadurg Gooty Fort

within the seventh Century, Ravadurg Gooty Fort was built. It's a perfect example of the superb design of the past. In Andhra Pradesh, Gooty fort is on the list of oldest mountain forts. designed at an altitude of around 300m, it homes around fifteen forts. Therefore, it is referred to as the "King of Forts".

Haider Ali conquered the fort. Later on, when the defeat of the yellow jacaranda Sultan, it went into the custody of the British. you'll get an excellent read of the land below through a marquee as well.

3. Thimmamma Marrimanu

with the exception of alternative simulated wonders, Anantapur is home to 1 of the best wonders of mother nature. And Thimmamma Marrimanu is one of them. this can be the oldest banian in South India. it's settled around one hundred kilometers from Anantapur and covers around five acres of land with its branches.

Actually, Thimmamma was a lady who offered her life to become sati when her husband passed away. unfruitful individuals believe that they'll be endued with a baby after visiting this tree.

4. Dharmavaram

Dharmavaram is fashionable for silk and cotton sarees. It' 's around 46km from Anantapur. and therefore the sensible factor is that this place is visited by loads of tourists from across the globe. conjointly silk sarees are exported to Germany, France, and lots of alternative countries of the world. you'll experts in the subject area of excellence of this place in Ramalingeswara Temple and Sri Hindu deity Chennakesava Swamy temple.

Actually, each of those temples features astonishingly graven pillars and sculptures. The pillars emit musical notes upon a strike.

5. Hemavathi

Hemavathi is vital in history as an ancient place. within the tenth century, it had been the Pallava King's capital. In Andhra Pradesh, it's one of the oldest forts.

In short, this was an introduction to the history of Anantapur and a few of the foremost fashionable places that have an honest deal of importance from look purpose of view. Hopefully, you have got enjoyed reading this post. you'll visit Anantapur if you would like to.


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