Seoul: an ideal Destination For Honeymoon


Seoul: A Perfect Destination For Honeymoon

Thanks to the growing quality of k-pop and k-dramas everywhere around the globe folks have started noticing the attractive sights and places they can visit. just in case you're additionally keen on k-dramas, there should be a great deal of stuff you wish to try and do when you are in Seoul. If you are not fond of k-dramas and don't have any inspiration on what to do, there here are some things listed below that you just can relish on your honeymoon trip to Seoul.

Seal your love with a padlock forever at Namsan Tower

you'll lock your love with padlocks at Namsan tower one every of the most attraction in Seoul. On the observation deck of Namsan tower, you may see thousands of locks displaying the unbreakable bond between couples. you'll see locks of various shapes and sizes and colors. you'll additionally notice some letters dedicated to the one they love. Namsan tower is understood mutually of the foremost in style geological dating spots that give a position of the city.

relish your romantic stroll at lovely Parks

you'll enjoy some time along with your partner while walking around the lovely parks. you'll relish the natural fantastic thing about Hyochang Park, Naksan Park, and Haneul Park along with your darling one. If you're a die heart romantic then you need to see the cherry blossoms at the most important park in the capital of South Korea that's Yeouido Park, nothing can beat this romantic sight.

relish compartment ride to Mount Namsan

whereas you are on your honeymoon trip you can pay some time exploring the natural beauty around Mount Namsan. you'll take a cable car to achieve Mount Namsan which is additionally noted as Mongmyeoksan and is 262 meters high. The read is spellbinding from the compartment. you'll relish the view of Seoul's skyline from up there. If you like hiking and need to travel on a hike along with your partner then you can also take a cable car to achieve up to the mountain for hiking.

relish the nightlife of Itaewon

If you're an evening animal then Itaewon is that the place for you. Itaewon is understood for its vivacious nightlife. you'll notice a spread building to enjoy ancient Korean still as international cuisine, delicious pastries, and desserts. The pubs and clubs are the centers of Itaewon. you've got everything that you just wish to pay for a vivacious nightlife.

The list doesn't end here. There is a great deal a lot of things that you will relish throughout your honeymoon trip to the capital of South Korea. If you're dreaming of a special honeymoon trip then Seoul is that a good place for you.

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