4 types of nectar collectors to choose from

4 types of nectar collectors to choose from

 Currently, the use of nectar collectors is a new trend. The popularity of these devices continues to grow, especially among smokers. If you love dabbing, you will love these devices. In fact, this tool is quite useful and deserves to be on your list of favorite dabbing methods. Read on to find out more.


 What is a nectar collector? 


 When it comes to dabbing, this tool is a new trend. It has a straight tube, so it looks like a straw. That is why it is called dab or nectar straw. They are mainly used to burn waxes and oils.


 A nectar straw usually has a tip, a body, and a neck. Typical materials are silicone and glass. Typical tip materials are ceramic, quartz, and titanium. 


 Also has a detachable mouthpiece for smoke inhalation. Thus, the nectar collector can be easily moved.


 Different Types of Nectar Collectors 


 Now let's talk about some common types of these devices. 




 This is the most common type. As the name suggests, it is made of (food grade) silicone and is therefore unbreakable. The advantage of these nectar collectors is that they can be stored in a typical freezer. 


 In addition, these devices are not fragile, so they are durable and durable. So you can take them with you without any worries. 


 Silicone & Glass 


 As the name suggests, some parts of these devices are made of glass, and others are made of silicone. Thanks to the glass water filter, the chamber serves as a good filtration system. Water is used to cool the vapor to avoid throat irritation when smoking. 


 It also has square edges, so the collector doesn't slip when sitting on the table. Cleaning is also easy as all parts are removable. 




 Since glass does not affect the flavor of the vapor, these units are widely used. Thus, when smoking, the pure vapor is inhaled since the molecules do not interact with the vapor. Enjoy pure taste without chemical flavors. 


 Detachable collar for easy cleaning. Installation is also child's play. 




 This type of nectar collector has a wooden sleeve and a titanium tip. The application is very easy. All you have to do is heat the tip and place it in the wax oil solution and enjoy.


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