Fire Suppression Gases - Inergen Agent


Fire Suppression Gases - Inergen Agent

INERGEN agent may be a mixture of 3 chemical element diluting (inerting) gases consisting of 52% nitrogen, 40% argonon, ANd 8rbon dioxide. The INERGEN system lowers the combustion likelihood of ignitable materials within a confined area by decreasing the oxygen content below the flammable level. INERGEN is a breathable foamy agent that releases the proper mixture of gases and permits an individual to still breathe even in an exceedingly oxygen-reduced atmosphere. In fact, it enhances the body's ability to soak up oxygen as a result of the raised greenhouse emission levels.

The atmosphere in a room, below traditional conditions, contains 21% chemical elements and less than 1 carbon dioxide. once the oxygen content is below 15%, most combustibles stop burning. INERGEN agent reduces oxygen content to around 12.5% whereas increasing the greenhouse emission content to about 3%. the rise in carbon dioxide will increase an individual's respiration rate and also the body's ability to soak up oxygen. the upper carbon dioxide levels stimulate the material body permitting a person to breathe deeper and additional rapidly. It basically compensates for the lower oxygen content within the atmosphere.

INERGEN System style and Installation

The INERGEN heart Suppression System is factory-made by Ansul and utilizes a set nozzle agent distribution network. The system is meant and put in accordance with the National hearth Protection Association (NFPA) commonplace 2001, ''Clean Agent hearth quenching Systems.'' once properly designed and installed, the INERGEN system can extinguish a surface burning fire at schools A, B, and C hazards by means that of lowering the chemical element content below the combustion level. INERGEN agent has additionally been tested by FMRC for inerting capabilities. These tests indicated that the INERGEN agent with success inserted mixtures of propane/air, and methane/air at concentrations between 40% and 50%.

These fire suppression systems may be activated by detection and management instrumentation for automatic system operation at the side of providing native and remote manual operation as needed. Accessories are accustomed offer alarms, ventilation control, door closures, or alternative auxiliary closedown functions. A system installation and maintenance manual are accessible containing priceless information. It includes system parts and procedures regarding design, operation, inspection, maintenance, and recharge. The system ought to solely be put in and serviceable by approved distributors that are totally trained by the manufacturer.

Basic Use of the INERGEN system

The INERGEN system is employed for suppressing fires in a range of dangerous situations. It is significantly helpful wherever electrically non-conductive medium is essential; where clean-up of alternative agents gift a retardant or where the hazard is occupied and needs a non-toxic agent.

the subsequent are typical hazards protected by INERGEN systems:

· laptop or server rooms

· Subfloors

· Tape storage

· Telecommunication/Switchgear

· Vaults

· method instrumentation

· All commonly occupied or unoccupied electronic areas where equipment is either terribly sensitive or irreplaceable


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