Mother tangled Men: What Would A Mother tangled Man Feel Smothered during a Relationship?


Mother tangled Men: What Would A Mother tangled Man Feel Smothered during a Relationship?

currently that a person is in a relationship, he could have the requirement for it to finish and/or wish to induce as far from his partner as he can. this can be to not say that he won't like or perhaps love her; it's thanks to the very fact that he can feel trapped.

once he initially started payment time with her, however, he may be fine. If this was the case, he will have been in one place terribly too soon and currently, he is going to be in a very completely different place.

2 Worlds

Naturally, his emotional expertise would have been modified as time has passed; this can be a part of the passing nature of life. But, there's an enormous distinction between him feeling different as time passes and being in a position wherever he's repelled by his partner.

If he does not desire to be around her and/or have her in his life, he can wish to stay his distance and maybe cut his ties with her. Most, if not all, of the positive feelings that were hooked up to her before, can have gone or been pushed aside.

One want

So, once he's around her, he is about to expertise a good quantity of emotional pressure and this can be why he will have the requirement to induce removal from her. At a deeper level, he will feel as if his terrible survival is at risk.

this can be to not say that he will have thoughts that are in alignment with however he feels as his thinking brain might be offline. thanks to however he feels, he will simply feel compelled to form an area between himself and his partner.

an enormous Relief

Once this has taken place, he could realize that he's ready to settle down; that is, of course, if his partner doesn't message or decide for him. If she does, he could find that he before long lands up feeling overwhelmed.

To handle this, and this might happen once he is with her, he could lose a bit with how he feels. this may mean that he will lose touch with his body and his attention will primarily be on his head.


once this happens, he could realize that he's ready to be in her company which he doesn't have the requirement to induce removed from her. the difficulty with this can be that it'll mean that he is not showing emotion present.

Therefore, he will physically be there however he won't emotionally be there. His partner will then have the need to emotionally connect with him but she won't be able to build this connection.

the result

If he doesn't find his a line of work in a day, his partner might get to the purpose wherever she has had enough and pulls the plug, thus to speak. If the previous takes place, it would solely be a matter of your time before he lands up within the same position.

there's conjointly the prospect that this is often} one thing that he has practiced a minimum of once before. The key is going to be for him to induce to the point in his own evolution where he can see that he's the common dominator and that, unless he changes, he won't be ready to expertise intimacy.

Stepping Back

He might struggle to know why he feels thus uncomfortable once he gets on the brink of a woman; when all, it's unlikely that she would cause his life to return to an associate degree end. As an adult, he can have the flexibility to square up for himself and to mention no if he doesn't wish to try to do something; he won't be a defenseless child.

Considering this, there's no reason why he ought to feel treed and smothered when he gets on the brink of a lady who is each mentally and showing emotion healthy. He ought to be ready to be in his body, to feel his feelings, and to feel relaxed in her company.

what's going on?

What this will show is that once he gets close to a woman, he's unconsciously protrusive his mother onto her. he's then not seeing the girl for who she is, he is seeing his mother and experiencing the sentiments and therefore the sensations that he practiced in her company.

this can probably show that his mother lacked the flexibility to correct his wants associate degree either gave him attention once he didn't need it or abandoned him. Having these experiences, it'd have caused him to associate closeness with being annihilated, and, in comparison, to possess a milder worry of being abandoned.

A Traumatic Time

At this stage of his life, {and perhaps|and couldbe} to the present terribly day, she may have seen him as an extension of her as against a separate being. Her version of Kahlil Gibran's literary composition On youngsters may need is: "They come back through you and from you, and that they are with you and they belong to you."

As a result of this, he would are accustomed meet a number of her adult and unmet childhood wants. due to this, it'd have been traditional for his has to be unnoted - he could have been punished, rejected of, and/or abandoned if he expressed his needs - and for him to frequently feel smothered and treed by her presence.


Not having his organic process needs to be met would have been painful and receiving the incorrect style of attention would have conjointly been painful. As he was in a boundaryless state and possibly couldn't speak at this stage of his life, he required his mother to be in tune with his wants so as to stop him from being overwhelmed.

But, as she wasn't in tune with him, she could have also lacked the flexibility to empathize, the sole manner for him to modify the pain that he was in would be to disconnect from his body. This wouldn't have stopped what was happening however it'd have stopped him from being alert to it.

The Past Repeats Itself

What passed off is going to be over however his mind and body can carry the trauma that he practiced all those years ago. a bit like then, disconnecting from himself will be how for him to stay his intense feelings at bay.

throughout his early years, obtaining removed from his mother wouldn't be a possibility; it'd have been an option presently in his development. If then, he primarily deals with feeling powerless by moving down and not escaping, this may be why.


If a person can relate to the present and e is prepared to vary his life, he might have to achieve out for external support. this can be one thing that may be supplied with the help of an expert or healer.