No Divorce! Secrets to own a cheerful Relationship!


No Divorce! Secrets to own a cheerful Relationship!

If you're thinking of a divorce, it's wrong!

The fault is with you merely and not with the opposite partner!

thus you've got to ponder on the fundamentals of a cheerful Relationship!

Please undergo this text and jot down your findings. Eradicate the negatives and cultivate the positive qualities.

each girl needs an individual who is made or in other words, a minimum of he should be able to earn that abundant by that the family can have a good life.

There is nothing wrong with this.

Even the Ganges River whom Lord Shiva holds in his head doesn't get bit and kiss his lips however goes to the world and paves her thanks to the sea. Because, when all, Lord Siva isn't rich! thus says a poet!

usually the ladies like an honest wanting man with myriad virtues. she's going to bet aside even her good conduct and can provide herself to him. she's going to drop at a foothold of helplessness and will be sort of a boat by a whirlpool.

bear in mind a miss provides a lot of pleasure to the 5 senses of the lovers.

She pleases the eyes with her crazy glances. She pleases the body with the softness of her person. She pleases the sense of smell with the fragrance of her mouth. She pleases the ears with her pleasing pretty words. She pleases with the sense of style by providing her lotus face turbulently for kissing.

the nice Tamil writer Thiruvalluvar says in his world-renowned Thirukkural, (Verse 1101) that " you will realize the concurrent enjoyments of sight, hearing, taste, smell and bit in one place with bright resplendent armlets bearing damsel!

One should respect a girl at all times! only for bodily pleasure if you approach a woman, she will not like you. The love should be mutual and will emerge from the heart.

what's happening within the pleasure house? The jeune fille will bend her frame slightly round-shouldered thanks to the burden of her bosom. The lord of her heart and life, that's the husband, united her with youth. 2 reciprocally grip warm lovers are going in the body of every other. and that they are so concealed. And, lo, nobody will realize their separate identity clearly discernible during this loved sport!

And last but not least, the lads ought to perceive that the ladies are just like the flames of lamps!

Yes, they're like the flames of lamps shining with soot within the style of their dark hair, and pleasing to the eyes but dangerous to the touch (of course while not their consent). They burn men as grass.

Finally, a woman would like a youth by considering seven qualities in him, namely, his family background, his conduct, his physical constitution, his age, his learning, his wealth, and his equality of status.


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