Who Is a lot of Intelligent and Clever? Male or Female?


Who Is a lot of Intelligent and Clever? Male or Female?

Who is more intelligent and clever? Male or female? This question is being placed by the globe from time immemorial. students are of various opinions. Some say male et all say, female.

however, a fitting answer has been given by a Tamil writer by the name of Karmega kavignar.

He has written a book titled 'Kongu figure kathakali within which he has answered this question. Kongu mandala is the gift Coimbatore region of Tamilnadu, India. This sathakam consists of 1 hundred verses that provide the glory of this famous region.

In verse no sixty-five the writer provides a true story that is going on in Sangagiri, tiny low town in the Kongu area.

Once there lived a good poet by the name of Emperuman. He composed a great work known as 'Takkai isai Ramayanam" His name and fame unfolded throughout the distant land and plenty of poets became his friends.

They were the accustomed return to Karamega kavignar's house for helpful literary debate.

Once as was common some students came to his house. however, the poet wasn't there as he was away completing the associate imperative task.

His adult female Poongothai, by name, was terribly intelligent and clever. As per the application of the past days, she unbroke herself within the house and also the students Saturday on the little cortical region of the house. They started chatting.

throughout the course of their speech one writer aforesaid nonchalantly that even supposing the ladies are learned one cannot expect them to be mature. the opposite one said that women normally aren't the least bit intelligent and clever. The third one said they're meant just for cookery and remarking the children.

Poongothai who was in the front hall of the house listened to all this debate.

of these points were detected by Poongothai. right away she has written a verse form in an exceedingly Venba format, a form of prosody in Tamil, in a tiny low palm leaf and sent it to the debating geniuses through a small child.

The poem written by her was scanned out loudly. It said, " of course, solely feminine are more responsible and male are less intelligent and not the least bit that a lot of clever. Can't you realize, oh, a woman solely below stands once she conceives? however, no man under the world may perceive ever whether or not he has given birth to a boy or girl."

All the poets were noticeably dismayed to ascertain this meaning of verse form. This poem gave a good insight into any or all of them.

Suddenly all of them burst into the hall and prostrated before Poongothai and apologized. They beg her to pardon them.

At the terribly moment the nice poet, Poongothai's husband entered into the house and was perplexed to see all of his friends were at the feet of his adult female.

He learned what had happened.

everyone praised each husband and wife and therefore the} news unfolds sort of wildfire.

The King also detected this incident and he was known as the writer and prostrated before Poongoathai.

Poongothai so became terribly renowned and the very tough question was thus answered fittingly.

A classic add Tamil called ' Neeti Venba' in one of its verses (verse no 30) defines an ideal woman thus:

she is going to be stunning like gold. she is going to have patience just like the earth. She who has gorgeous breasts will offer sexual satisfaction within the bed to her husband sort of a prostitute and she or he will facilitate her husband like a learned minister the least bit times.