Coconut Oil For Hair Use

Coconut Oil For Hair Use

 For many years, coconut oil had a negative image, but after further research, it is now one of the most versatile and sought-after oils on the market today. Periwinkle (also known as cocos nucifera) is widely grown in warm climates such as Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Hawaii, etc. 

 Asia and other cultures have used coconut oil for thousands of years. They eat with it, cook with it, bathe or bathe with it and use it every day for health reasons. They make it from the coconut tree that grows naturally. They have beautiful healthy hair and skin because they use coconut oil as a natural resource. 


 This is an oil that decomposes slowly, resists rancidity, and has a long shelf life (up to about two years without deterioration or oxidation). It has a sweet, refreshing aroma with a high melting point of 76 degrees F. It also contains lauric acid which is a well-saturated fatty acid. 


 It also contains a good amount of vitamin E which is good for hair growth, hair treatment, and hair loss. It also benefits hair by keeping it hydrated, adding strength and shine to the hair shaft. There are many types, but only a few can be used on hair to keep it healthy. 


 Here are a few types of coconut oil. 

 1. Crude or pure or unrefined or virgin oil made from the fresh flesh of coconuts. It can be ingested depending on the process. This type is also used to make coconut milk and has other processing methods. Unrefined or pure oils are best used for hair and scalp because no chemicals are used to treat them. 

 2. Refined oil is commonly used for cooking and baking and is made from dried copra.

 3. Organic oils are grown in organic soil. No pesticides or chemicals are used. This oil is used in organic products for eating and external use. 

 4 . Fractionated coconut oil is great for use in cooking, and as a moisturizer in beauty products like lotions, soaps, or shampoos. Also used as a carrier oil as it is easily absorbed into the skin. 

 5. Hydrogenated coconut oil is chemically processed and should be avoided as it is modified during processing and is not good for the body due to modified or modified fats. 


 Coconut oil for hair can be applied directly to the hair shaft, scalp, hair roots, or ends. Whether you use it for a specific part of your hair or for the overall health of your hair, it's a rewarding additive to improving your hair.