Everything you want to know about feather pillows


Everything you want to know about feather pillows

 Feather pillows are actually made from animal products. The back, breast, and wing feathers of ducks and geese are used. Unlike synthetic pillows, goose-down pillows are rejuvenated. Feather pillows come in a variety of sizes and densities, from king to standard. 


 Why people search for feather pillows: 


 Using a feather pillow offers amazing benefits and one of them is the ability to form a suitable curve for your neck and head, which helps comprehensive support. Pillow down allows air to circulate around your neck and head. There are so many types of pillows available that shopping can be overwhelming. Activated pillows, microbeads, fluff, and water pillows are the choices in today's saturated bedding market. Each type of pillow has its own advantages and disadvantages and attracts the love of 

 the public. I've summarized the most common types of pillows and their characteristics so you can figure out which one might work best for you and your preferred sleeping position. Let's take a look at some of the pillows available on the market! 


 Polyester pillow core 


 Due to its low cost and high public satisfaction rate, polyester is a popular pillow type. Unfortunately, this is done using questionable chemicals. Therefore, consumers should be aware of the potential health and environmental risks associated with long-term exposure to and production of polyester. 


 Advantages of polyester pillow: 


 Easy to clean 


  Very cheap 




  Short lifespan 


 Dangerous for health and environment 


 The polyester pillow is suitable for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers may also appreciate a polyester pillow as long as it's not too thick. 


 Goose down pillow 


 The underlying layer of feathers is called down. Very distinctive, it is the lower, smooth part of a bird's feather. Goose feathers hold up to three times longer loft than synthetic and soft alternatives. Hungarian goose down (or European goose down) is considered the best quality goose down pillow. Clusters of fluff are pure white and larger than other types. The real goose-down pillows have only fluff and no feathers. Often "down" is sold 

 as a combination of feather and down. Feathers are a budget-friendly way to add bulk, and often feathers can get through that pillow and sting your eyes while you sleep. 


 Feather pillow pros: 


 Can be molded - Feather pillows tend to hold their shape well and provide great support for your neck and head 


 Comfortable and lightweight - Feather pillows are lightweight ( heavy feathers don't fly well  and are extremely soft 




 Requires constant brushing to maintain volume 


 Difficult to clean 


 Good grades are expensive