FAQ on how to choose the best lightweight walking shoes


FAQ on how to choose the best lightweight walking shoes

If you are faced with a dilemma when deciding which lightweight walking shoes to buy, here are some questions that can help you choose and buy shoes Lightweight and suitable for yourself or for your loved one. 


 Should you buy walking shoes or running shoes? Shoe manufacturers design their shoes according to their purpose. A stylish pair of sneakers or fashionable white sneakers are considered walking shoes and they are made for fashion rather than performance. On the other hand, if you think you will use the shoe for running, choose a running shoe design.


 How to choose the best ultralight walking shoes? Every time you move your foot to walk, there is a heel-to-toe rolling motion. Since walking requires a lot of foot flexion, flexibility is a key factor when choosing the best lightweight sneakers. Some tips to check if the shoe has the flexibility you need: Twist, Bend, and Poke it. 


 One more consideration: Choose a shoe with a flat heel or a low heel. High heels should be an inch or less and make sure they have enough cushioning to protect the soles of your feet. 


 What other useful features are there? To answer this question, it is essential that we know the basic elements of a  walking shoe such as the sole, the forefoot (where the toes are located), the midfoot (the arch of the foot), and the forefoot. hind legs (heel and ankle). ). ). Here are some features  you might want for your perfect walking shoe: 


 Achilles Tendon Guard - ensures the shoe is locked into the heel. 

 Heel Collar - ensures a snug fit.

 Insole - removable cushion supports the foot and can be easily washed and dried. 

 Foam or air midsole  - minimizes  impact when your foot  hits a hard ground 

 What else to consider? You need to consider the shape of your feet. Remember that your shoes should fit the shape of your foot, not vice versa. This is a very important factor to consider when buying a lightweight walking shoe. It should be comfortable to wear and sturdy enough to protect your feet.


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