Five Factors to Consider Before Buying a


Five Factors to Consider Before Buying a

Air Compressor Air compressors can work wonders in garages and workshops. They will participate and be considered when there is an electrical and construction project for implementation. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right one to be more effective in the workplace. Several factors can be considered when choosing the right one, including: 


 Power supply 

 Electrical appliances can be easily moved, but finding a power outlet can be troublesome. One has no choice but to choose an electric one when an activity takes place indoors. This is because gas will emit smoke. However, gas is more efficient than electricity. The required voltage is determined by the power the compressor will require. A 2HP motor will require a 220-240V power outlet, while a typical home compressor will only require  110-120V. The 


 Piston or Portable 

 Piston has an active motor that involves promoting air pressure during exhaust. Therefore, an increase in atmospheric pressure corresponds to an increase in air consumption. Compressing air in pistons requires a  high level of maintenance. It is more suitable for commercial and industrial applications than men's work. The 


 Portables perform the function of a piston without the use of a reservoir. Portable compressors provide a stable level of air pressure over long periods of time, making them suitable for home applications, such as piping, pumps, and other equipment.


 Pistons are more expensive than portable ones, mainly because the piston comes with a fuel tank and is portable. 


 Single- or two-stage piston The 

 the air compressor has two types of pistons: a single-stage pump and a two-stage pump. Single-stage compressors draw and compress air to the desired pressure through the action of a single-stage piston. 150 PSI is the maximum pressure a single-stage piston can produce. Single-stage reciprocating compressors require a higher CFM rating than two-stage reciprocating compressors.


 Two-stage two-piston compressors do the work of a single piston in a single-stage compressor. However, the operation of the two stages is slightly different because the process does not end with compression. Instead, the pistons compress the air, let it cool, and compress it again. The two-stage type is more efficient because the air is cooled during compression, increasing its density. Two-stage people use their air pressure without losing it at any time. They can reach a maximum pressure of 

 from 200 PSI. 



 If noise is a problem, opting for oil-lubricated is safer than oil-free. The oil-free type does not need a flat space for the oil to lubricate the machine. Oil-lubricated air compressors are more efficient than oil-free compressors. 


 Thermal protection 

 Thermal protection is provided in the air compressor as a switch that shuts down the motor in case of overheating. Considering the investment made, customers should choose the type with thermal protection switch.


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