Summer boho style: What is boho fashion and how to wear it right?

 Boho-chic is a fashion style for women inspired by boho dresses and different hippie styles; It's about natural looks and personality. Fluffy dresses, headbands,  Lennon glasses, and hippie styles are the best style this year. 


 What is bohemian style? 


 Basically, the bohemian style symbolizes the unstructured character of the hippie lifestyle. The hippie trend emphasizes an ecological connection to our nature, and natural fabrics like cotton and linen, as well as embossed fabrics and patterns, reflect these ideals. 


 Signature Bohemian Outfits 


 Bohemian style and attire are really based on the idea of ​​having the freedom to layer and combine different types of clothing that will reflect your personality. While the main emphasis is on the extensive use of flowing patterns with very light fabrics,  everything else is not excluded either. In fact, when we talk about boho-fit clothing (such as stretchy tank tops and leggings), we're not going to emphasize the fit of any other piece. Apparently, the oversized outfit is 



  Good fabrics for boho clothing 


 In keeping with the natural tones of the earthy ethos, some natural materials include fabrics for boho chic. Cool linen, lightweight cotton, and hemp are good alternatives, and fabrics that accentuate a floating ethereal look, including lace, chiffon, or silk. The semi-natural look of faux fur also adds to your style, and suede and leather are great choices for coats and coats, boots and shoes, and accessories like bags and belts. back in fashion this summer. 


  Boho colors 


 The emphasis on natural tones also has an impact on choosing a dominant color for a boho outfit. Autumn earth tones like deep tans, dark browns, or charcoal blacks are present, with cool neutrals like subtle dark browns and beiges, whites, and creams making for some of the best looks. However, this does not mean that bright colors will be completely eliminated. Adding a little sparkle with a jewel-toned hat or scarf will create a real focal point and impact the  natural contrast of the other 



 Choosing  the best designs for boho outfits 


 One of the hallmarks of boho clothing is layering. You're wearing a combination of different clothes and emphasizing the overall layered effect, rather than drawing more attention to a particular piece. This means choosing clothes that match and don't have a single piece that stands out. Along with choosing plain clothes, you need to make sure that your prints are subtle and small. 


 Classic small flowers or millefleurs are good choices, or you can opt for subtle polka dots and subtle stripes. Ethnic prints will bring a nice vibe to any look, but don't go overboard with the print. It should be understood that different options like ikat prints are the best choice instead of something bold and big.


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