Reasons to Choose Polydiesel Tanks Instead of Steel Tanks


Reasons to Choose Polydiesel Tanks Instead of Steel Tanks

Whether an individual is involved in cattle raising, grain farming, or production in machinery factories, diesel oil is needed every day. For this reason,  diesel oil must be stored to perform various tasks. 


 Fuel is used in many ways, to run harvesters and generators, to keep fleets running, and to transport goods to and from markets. It is considered one of the business inputs and must be stored securely and efficiently. 


 There are two types of fuel tanks most commonly used.


  Poly Tank 

  Steel Tank 


 Both are commercially available and can be used for storage purposes. Here are a few points that can help an individual choose the best of the two. 


 1. Materials 


 Steel and poly are different materials. When it comes to storage, different aspects of the product need to be considered. Steel tanks can undergo condensation when left in the sun and this can cause moisture build-up. Water in the fuel tank can be harmful to the engine. On the other hand, there is nothing like it with a polyethylene tank. Although poly tanks are lighter, they have much thicker walls for protection. 


 2 . Spare parts 


 Not all diesel tanks can be used individually. Some other parts like a pump, hose, and gun are used along with it. The polyethylene tank comes with all of this assembled and there is no need to purchase it otherwise. Whereas, with a steel tub, you have to buy all the different parts, which increases cost and time. 


 3 . Shipping 


 Steel crates are heavy and difficult to transport. They are fixed to your truck bed, primarily by bolts through the mounting surface. Poly diesel units are light in weight and therefore easy to transport. They come with lifting handles and can also be easily attached if one doesn't want to permanently attach them. 


 4 . Manufacturing 


 The two tanks are manufactured differently using different methods and materials. Welded steel tanks can leave room for the possibility of seam leaks. On the other hand, the poly tank is made of a single molded piece without any seams. In addition, steel rusts over time, leading to more leakage, which is not the case with poly diesel containers. 


 5 . Cost 


 The cost of the two products differs greatly. As stated earlier, steel tubs cost more by purchasing other parts in a different way and are therefore much more expensive than poly tubs. Poly tubs are less expensive and even ready to use, which also saves time when assembling parts. Also, steel is more expensive than poly, so that means steel tanks are more expensive than poly diesel tanks.