Shop smart and save money 2024

Shop smart and save money 2024

  In the age of e-commerce, you can find the best deals using your smartphone or laptop and have them delivered to your door. It is also possible to score transactions in stores, online, and through apps. 


 There are 3 ways to shop smart and save money in 2024 before you buy, while you buy, and after you buy. 


How to save money before buying an item? 


 When I find a product I want or need, the first step is to decide whether to buy it online or in-store. So which store or online platform offers the best value for money. I also consider a few things that I consider very important before making a purchase: 


 -Shipping Policy: It is important to know if the online price tag comes with free shipping or whether the Customer is responsible for this cost or not. 


 -Return Policy: It is important to know if the seller or the shopping platform offers free returns. With a free return policy in place, the seller will pay the return postage if the customer doesn't like the item received. 


 -Location: Where is the item you purchased shipped from? The item's location of origin determines how long it takes for your item to arrive. However, many online sellers use drop shipping. When a consumer makes a purchase, the seller (who does not have the goods in hand) will ask the manufacturer or a third party to ship the goods to the customer. These items are often shipped overseas from countries like China, which will take longer to arrive. If you're okay with waiting for such a long time, it doesn't make sense to give up the shipper, you can pay less by going directly to the Alibaba or Aliexpress websites.


 Here are some ways I got good business 

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 Shop & Save Money 


 - Goodwill Outlet Store 


 Goodwill Outlet is a good example of a store  I hadn't visited before 2018. Now I can go there and buy as many items. There's a very good market for custom items, and if I'm lucky, that day, I can find branded items to keep or resell online. I can pay up to 1 dollar.49 for a pound of clothing (prices vary by location). In my opinion, the Goodwill point of sale is not just for someone reselling online. I encourage you to visit your local Goodwill outlet, it's an experience you'll enjoy if you're looking to find a bargain, and for a good reason. If you decide to go there after reading this article or if you have already been there, do share with us your experience in the comment box so everyone can learn from it.