Silk: The Queen of All Fabrics

Silk: The Queen of All Fabrics

 Silk has always attracted eyes and hearts since its discovery. It's more of a luxury item. In ancient history, keeping its production secret, by its discoverers, seemed entirely justified. This precious, smooth, beautiful, and shiny fabric is above all a taste of royalty. Over time, various variations were introduced to it, which further increased its popularity and made it affordable. Various new modifications introduced to the shiny and smooth fabric have also increased its applicability in western apparel. Silk defines class. Fashionistas are crazy about modified fabrics. Silk tulle is one of the fabrics that is gaining popularity on a daily basis due to the comfort and sophistication it offers. 




 Some of the popular known silks  include: 


 Mulberry - this is the most common and widely used and accounts for 90% of the world supply. It requires special care to maintain its smooth structure. 

 Tasar This is a wild variety produced by caterpillars and not strawberry caterpillars. This silk is available in its natural form because it is difficult to dye. 

 Eri - this is creamy white silk, derived from domesticated silkworm species. Eri is durable and hard to wash.

 Muga - It has a golden yellow color. Limited offer. It is of high quality and is used to make traditional costumes, especially royal costumes. It sometimes restricts bleaching. 

 Mussels - This is commonly known as "sea silk".Its production is carried out only on the coast of Taranto, Italy. 



 Silk tulle is a lightweight and very delicate fabric with a sort of mesh construction. It is specially chosen to make petticoats. It is widely used in finishing blouses, bridal wear, women's shirts, and summer wear. It brings elegance and lightness. With the effects radiating from the costume, the outfit becomes really attractive and fascinates consumers. It has a beautiful pearlescent sheen and is quite light. There are mainly two types of silk tulle, which are English and French. The older Type 

 was made with a slightly larger weave and is the most transparent option available. French silk is one of the most luxurious types of silk, incredibly soft and supple. This is slightly opaque but still very transparent. 




 Besides its lustrous beauty and luxurious softness, silk offers many other benefits that no other fabric,  natural or man-made, can match... It is said to be one of the least allergenic fabrics due to its natural protein structure. Silk is one of the strongest and highest tensile natural fibers and rivals steel wire in terms of tensile strength. It is moderately abrasion resistant and very absorbent and dries quickly. Above all, it is a fabric that is favorable for all kinds of climate changes, comfortable and warm in winter and comfortable and cool in summer.


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