Tips for Finding Quality Leather Bags


Tips for Finding Quality Leather Bags

Hello readers, this is my second post on this site. I hope, at least this one gets published. My first post is still pending. In this article, I want to explain to my readers the tips for finding quality leather bags. 


 I) Texture: 


 One of the important features of a leather bag is that it has a rough edge 


 2) Pattern of the bag: 


 First of all, we must understand what leather is? it's animal skin. The animal's skin will not be perfect. so the texture of the bag will not be the same. 


 3) Test print: 


 Touch the skin with your hand. When you press down on the Genuine bag it gives you a bouncing feeling.


 4) Water test: 


 Real leather absorbs water and imitation leather does not. 


 5) Check it out: 


 When you put this bag on any surface, if it feels solid and sturdy, it's real. The fake bag will be flexible, lose its texture, have no solidity, and will bend and break easily according to the position of the fake leather bag. 


 6) Zip test: 


 Zip the original bag, when opening the bag, it will be slippery but with the imitation leather bag, it will be hard. 


 7) Smell: 


 The final tip for finding a quality leather bag is to smell the real leather.


 8) Leather bag label: 


 Will be marked as "Full-Grain" which is the best quality leather for a genuine leather bag while counterfeits will be marked as "made with full-grain leather" " which can be understood as only part of the product is leather. 


 9) Seam and lining: 


 Seam and lining will be perfect in genuine bags but with fake bags, there will be many seam defects, and layers. lining 


 10) Leather price: 


 There is no way to bargain on leather  Most leather products will normally be priced at retail stores as retailers will not sell quality products. with lower margins 




 I hope I have given some opinions on leather bags and shared my knowledge about buying the real thing. These tips and tricks will come in handy when buying quality leather bags in Chennai and around Chennai. Use these tips to find and buy quality leather bags and leather products.


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