What Is the Difference Between CR2025 and CR2032?

What Is the Difference Between CR2025 and CR2032?

 The numbers associated with different types of batteries may confuse you. Therefore, we will remove some confusion by discussing the difference between  CR2015 and CR2032. We will also discuss the uses of each so you can get the best results for your coin. Read on to learn more about the difference. 




 Both of these batteries are called button batteries and are used in different types of low-power consumption devices such as toys,  calculators, calculators, watches, etc. These button batteries can be used interchangeably with incompatible devices. 


 So what's the difference? 


 Although both button batteries provide 3 volts, the difference lies in the thickness. The diameter of CR2025 is 20 mm and the thickness is 2.5 mm. Similarly, the CR2032 is 3.2 mm thick and 20 mm in diameter. Diameter is the most important thing when inserting batteries into the device. 




 mAh is an abbreviation for milliampere-hour. As far as batteries are concerned, this term refers to how long a battery can carry energy and how long it can power a battery-powered device before it needs to be replaced.


 In general, the CR2025 provides 165 mAh of power while the other offers 225 mAh. Depending on how often you use your device, you may want to choose the right device. 




 Some users choose a device that fits and works well, while others worry about the details. Below are descriptions of some popular brands and detailed battery information. 


 LE CR2025 


 Eunicell: This type has a box of 5 tablets, provides 150 mAh power, and lasts up to 2 years.


 CELEWELL: sold in packs of 5 and slightly more expensive. However, it is an ideal choice for smart tracking devices as it has a capacity of more than 170 mAh. 


 Energizer: With 163 mAh, this device can maintain power for up to 8 years as 


 THE CR2032 


 ExcellBattery: It comes in a pack of 4 and has a capacity of 225 mAh. 


 LiCB: With a lifespan of 8 years and a rated capacity of 240 mAh, this battery is ROHS-certified and mercury free. 


 Energizer: It has a capacity of 240 mAh and a much longer usage time. Just like CR2020, it comes in a pack of 5. 


 This is the basic difference between the two types of batteries. If you must buy one, be sure to consider these differences. This way you will be able to make much better decisions based on your needs. 




 In summary, there is no major difference between  CR2032 and CR2020. While the CR2032 offers longer storage times, you may not take advantage of this all the time. The only major difference is the capacity, which is measured in mAh. Therefore, what you need to do is get a full package. It will save you money and you won't have to go to the market to buy another battery