Where to Buy Fish and Chips in Greymouth County

Where to Buy Fish and Chips in  Greymouth County

  Where to Buy Fish and Chips in  Greymouth County (NZ) 


 Maybe you are new to Gray County or planning to visit in the near future and you can wonder where to buy fish and chips. Here is a selection of locations to choose from. 


 COBDEN Takeaways 


 This is my favorite takeaway place. It is located on Bright  Cobden Street, on the south side of the Gray River. From Greymouth, cross the bridge, turn left, and continue 150 meters. They make the best fish and chips around. It's not just a takeout store, it's also a convenience/dairy store that sells a variety of groceries and other household goods. 




 Runanga is 7 kilometers north of Greymouth, but if you're returning from a day in Punakaki to see the fountains at Pancake Rocks, you might want to head to Runanga Takeaways for fish and chips on the way back. I rate Runanga takeaway on par with Cobden takeaway for providing good fish and chips. 


 FOUR J'S TakeAWAYS (Paroa) 


 Four Js is a general store, dairy/coffee, and takeout store. It is on the main road in Paroa, so you cannot miss the direction you are driving. If you're on your way home from a day in Shantytown and want some tea, Four J's is an option. 


 MACA SHOP & BACK (Runanga) 


 Maca's is located on McGowan Street, Runanga's main street. It caters to locals, so if you come to live in Runanga, you'll be happy to know there are two chippies in town. Maca's also operates as a general store selling some grocery items.


 MERV N' KIPS (Tainui Street) 


 It's on Upper Tainui Street across from BP. 


 SANTE FE PRODUCTS (Turmaha Street) 


 Sante Fe is located on this street at the back of Dixon Park. It is also convenient for Anzac Park. 


 MAGGIE'S CAFE (Mackay Street) 


 This is not takeout but you can buy fish and chips and other takeaways here during business hours, usually in the morning until around 5. bright. I mention it here because it's my favorite coffee shop in Greymouth. Maggie's Cafe is located on Mackay Street, across from Paper Plus. 



 This is a great place to eat or take away. There is a good bar too. 

 PARKYS (Marsden Road) 

 This is  Shakespeare Street only, serving a residential area near the high school.


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