Why Choose the Best Leather Holster?


Why Choose the Best Leather Holster?

Although this is a concealed holster, leather is a unique choice for many people. However, why is that and what makes these leather pistol holsters so special? Why use a  holster? The purpose of the holster is to protect your gun; it allows you to safely carry the gun when not in use and protects your body from contact with rough and hard metal. Leather will perform all of these tasks admirably - and some might say better than the other  

 materials available. When it comes to choosing a material for a gun holster, there are four options to consider: synthetic, leather, hybrid, and nylon. 


 Some key and great features of the Leather Cover 


 1. Leather is a unique and organic material, with a feel and shape that synthetics won't quite match. Assuming you've ever held a holster in your hand or body,  you know what this means.


 2. In addition, leather is much more durable than synthetic materials. Let's say you have a leather wallet, briefcase, or belt, then you have used it for many years without significant deterioration in quality and you will probably use it for many years to come if you leave it alone. 


 3. Another great feature of the leather is that it offers an advantage over synthetic covers. You can quietly take the weapon out of its holster, which can save your life in some situations. 


 Explore a variety of leather gun holsters 


 There is a holster in the collection for every occasion and every need. Here's a sample: 


  Slide Guard - Custom Noon Holsters is the best of them all. This is an enhanced version of the Topless with a great leather look, a slide, and a 2-slot holster. 


  Hidden Ally - The Hidden Ally Holster is designed for those who make concealing a top priority. With the leather extension, you can stuff your shirt through the gun and holster undetectable to the naked eye. 


 · Topless - Topless is a custom holster made from leather with an open muzzle design, tension screw, and covered trigger. This thumb-free holster features 15-degree stitching. 


  Tail Gunner - a great feature of this holster is the stabilizing wing that previous gun owners who had trouble with rotating and shifting holsters are sure to enjoy. 


  Under Armor - If you're looking for a reliable leather shoulder, check out Under Armor, it's made from multi-layer extruded leather with a vegetable-tanned base.


  leather is the traditional holster material and is considered by many gun owners to be the gold standard. Why is it so popular? As we all know, leather is a unique material due to its organic nature and its performance at a level that not even synthetic materials can match.